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Q: What is Mold? Should I call a professional?
A: Time is of the Essence Call now!

Mold is a fungus found in abundance in the natural environment. Large quantities of excessive mold and certain types of mold can pose significant health risks. Mold growth is more likely to occur in dark, damp environments. The result can be a failed air quality test and damage to buildings and property. Signs of mold include visible mold, recurring dampness and a musty smell.

Health hazards tend to go hand and hand with toxic mold which can cause symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, chronic cold and flu symptoms, asthma, skin rash, allergies and increased susceptibility to infection. In a residential setting, this can mean significant health risks to you and your family. In a commercial setting, the same risks apply, as well as significant liability. If you suspect mold growth, call us immediately at Miami Dade 305-882-9929 and Key Largo 305-563-8633.

Our process includes a detailed plan and it starts with being to your door within 45 minutes of your all to analyze and outline an effective comprehensive restoration of your property.

  • Our team will inspect the property and offer up an immediate analysis and outline and document the types of mold and remediation plan.
  • Our team will isolate the situation. Mold travels through the air in mold spores. So the first attack measure will be to isolate the affected areas. This will prevent mold growth spreading into unaffected areas but will also keep the air quality throughout the rest of the property healthy.
  • Once you have isolated the mold its time to remediate it. Mold growth can attack deep into materials. At this point the experienced team at ServiceMaster by Enterprise will determine the depth of the mold to determine if removal of materials will be necessary.
  • Air Quality and humidity. We will keep the affected area dry, preventing future mold growth.
  • Mold itself can cause extensive damage to your property. Furthermore, even the most delicate and advanced removal and remediation techniques will require building material to be removed and replaced. With over half a century of combined commercial and residential construction experience, we’ll get to work repairing damaged areas. Our project managers will maintain constant contact with you throughout the entire process, advising you on material selections, timetables, financial options and sustainability. Many customers take advantage of the opportunity to do upgrades they have been putting off while the building restoration process is underway. Our company has full construction capabilities to not only fully repair damage, but also satisfy any other construction needs you might have at the time.

Through all the phases of mold detection, removal, and reconstruction if necessary, your best choice is ServiceMaster by Enterprise. Call us immediately at Miami Dade 305-882-9929 and Key Largo 305-563-8633.