Sometimes, plumbing accidents happen. Your homeowners’ or business insurance offers financial protection in the event of plumbing problems — or so you think. Use these tips when filing a water damage claim in Coral Gables, FL, to help ensure your payout from your insurance provider.

Limit the Damage

When accidents happen and you’re responsible for the issue, try your best to limit the damage. Civil courts side with insurance providers when policyholders fail to mitigate damage from accidents.

Use your judgment to determine how to respond to water-related accidents. If your roof leaks after a storm, use a bucket to control the drips. During bathroom or kitchen leaks, turn your water main off.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

Insurance accident investigations largely depend on evidence. Although insurers also rely on eyewitness testimony, evidence often trumps testimony in water damage claims.

Hang on to any physical evidence. If you can, take well-lit pictures of this evidence before moving or removing it. Date-stamp the photos if possible.

Don’t leave evidence that could cause further damage lying around until the adjuster arrives. Capture multiple photographs of all damaged materials from at least two angles. You don’t need world-class photos, but make sure what you need to photograph shows up in your pictures.

Report Damage Quickly

Insurers appreciate it when policyholders report claims in a timely manner. The prompt notification gives adjusters better opportunities to assess what went wrong. File your claim immediately, so your insurer won’t have any reason to deny your claim.

Avoid filing claims or reporting damages when you’re too upset to be clear-minded. This could lead to you compromising your claim, potentially providing information that insurers could use to deny the claim.

Don’t know what to do after incurring residential or commercial water damage? Contact ServiceMaster by Enterprise, where we also handle insurance claims for restoration.

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