Hurricane season can be a chaotic and stressful time should you be in the path of a tropical storm or hurricane. If you’re not ready, the wind and rain can cause a great amount of damage. Here are several ways you can prepare your Doral, FL, home for the next storm.

1. Acquire Supplies

Before and just after a hurricane, there’s often a rush to get supplies. By preparing ahead of time, you avoid this frantic dash. Acquire a kit of supplies so that you’re ready.

You should have at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water. Popular items include beans, fruit, trail mix, peanut butter and crackers. If some of the food is in cans, make sure you have a non-electric can opener.

A first aid kit can come in handy, and you’ll want to have your prescription medications prepared. Some people also like to keep a waterproof container with important documents and extra cash in it in case you have to evacuate quickly.

Equipment that can be helpful in the event of a storm includes a lighter or matches, a flashlight, a radio and extra batteries. You’ll likely have a lot of downtime if the power is out for days, so having things like books, magazines and games for entertainment will be nice as well.

If you have a baby, you’ll need diapers, baby food and other items. If you have a pet, make sure you have the necessary supplies to keep them fed and safe.

2. Secure Your Home

To protect against the wind, cover all your windows with wood or hurricane shutters. Trim all your trees and shrubs, and reinforce your garage doors with braces. Bring indoors all your garbage cans, decorations and outdoor furniture.

After the hurricane, water damage might be unavoidable. To protect your home, have contact information for a water mitigation service at the ready.

Power Outages

Power outages are frequent during hurricanes. Consider freezing your food so that it doesn’t go bad as quickly. Charge your cellphone and have a power bank if possible.

You might also consider investing in a backup power generator. This can be either portable or stationary.

Preparing for a disaster can be difficult on your own. If you’re looking for help with emergency board up services, contact ServiceMaster by Enterprise.

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