After a disaster, your primary concern is repairing your home to the point where it’s safe to inhabit again. In the meantime, before you can begin repairs, you may have to board and tarp your home. Below are four benefits of having professional boarding up and tarping of your home after a disaster in Miami, FL.

1. Lowers Liability Risk

Boarding and tarping your home helps prevent people from entering the house until it’s repaired to the point where it can safely sustain people. If you don’t board up your home, someone could enter and injure themselves. Once that happens, you’re liable for their injuries, which means extra expenses for you and your family.

2. Boarding Up Prevents Further Damage

When disasters damage your home, the structural integrity of your walls and roof decreases. The holes and cracks in your home make it more susceptible to damage from wind, water, humans and animals.

Tarping and boarding up the outside of your home can help keep the current integrity stabilized until repairs can be made. If further damage happens to your home, such as from a fire, it’ll cost that much more to repair your home and will take longer for your home to become habitable again and for your lives to get back on track.

3. Prevents Loss of Insurance Coverage

Your insurance carrier will likely require you to board and tarp your home after a disaster. This is to prevent further damage from occurring to your home after the initial damage. If you decide not to board or tarp your home after they request it, then your homeowner’s insurance may not want to cover the damages.

4. Prevents Unwanted Pests

The last thing you want to face when repairs start on your home is an encounter with a wild animal. You don’t want to come home to find an raccoons ransacking your kitchen, or squirrels taking over your attic.

Don’t take chances with your home after a disaster strikes. Contact ServiceMaster by Enterprise today and ask about our emergency board-up services so you can save your home after a disaster.

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