Just like most major house appliances, your HVAC requires regular maintenance for better performance. Ductwork cleaning is a vital service to consider to ensure healthy and clean indoor air. If you’re a Miami, FL, homeowner, here are five signs you should look out for.

1. Dusty Ductwork

Dusting your house on a regular basis is a normal cleaning routine. Even the cleanest houses can have harmful contaminants. However, if your house is dusty immediately after cleaning, you most likely need to get your ductwork cleaned. Regular inspection and replacement of HVAC system air filters is one way to prevent future dust buildup.

2. Insects or Rodents

Insects tend to make their way into your air ducts. Additionally, when rodents manage to enter your air duct, they leave droppings and make nests. As they’re trying to make their way around your home, they end up chewing parts of your ductwork.

Naturally, rodents and insects leave all sorts of bacteria behind. It’s important to note that rodent infestation requires more than just air duct cleaning. If you ignore the issue, it could lead to serious structural damage to your HVAC system.

3. Increasing Energy Costs

It’s normal for your monthly energy costs to increase or decrease at times slightly. However, if you notice your monthly heating or cooling costs keep increasing, your ductwork needs some attention. Dust and dirt buildup on your ducts can significantly affect the airflow.

4. Your Home Was Just Built or Renovated

The construction process can be very messy. Although your contractor might be keen to clean, debris and dirt will still find their way into your system. To avoid developing respiratory problems, you need to remedy the issue.

5. An Unpleasant Odor in Ductwork

If you keep your house fresh and clean, but there’s still a bad, inexplicable odor, have your ductwork checked. As dust and dirt particles heat up on your ductwork over time, they emit smelly air into your living space.

Contact our team of professionals at ServiceMaster by Enterprise when you need odor removal services. Remember, professional cleaning of your ductwork is a complex process that you shouldn’t attempt on your own.

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