When a flood hits your Miami, Florida, home or business, it’s easy to become overwhelmed while trying to figure out where to begin in the clean-up process. In addition to having to pay for professional flood remediation, you may also have to try to figure out how to salvage any important documents damaged in the wake of quickly rising floodwaters. Fortunately, our team is able to help you recover important paperwork and photos that show signs of flood damage.

Time Is of the Essence

Mold, mildew and other bacteria are able to grow quickly on paper once it has become wet. The stability of the paper can also become compromised after contact with flood waters. That’s why it is important to quickly contact someone who knows how to effectively handle and restore flood-damaged documents.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Documents

Surprisingly, different types of flood water require that documents undergo different cleaning methods. For instance, paperwork impacted by contaminated water require a different type of cleaning than water from a burst pipe. Fortunately, we have flood restoration specialists trained for every type of situation that could arise.

We also realize that documents aren’t the only type of paperwork that you may need restored after a flood. Our team also offers restoration of books and photographs, both of which require their own type of restoration process.

Inventory Out & Inventory In

We realize that having an accurate account of your paperwork is important. Fortunately, we perform an inventory of the paperwork as we remove them for cleaning, followed by a reverse inventory upon return of the documents.

If a flood or burst pipe damaged important documents, we can help. Call ServiceMaster by Enterprise today to find out how our team of licensed and trained professionals can help restore your documents.

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