Leaking pipes, a broken dishwasher that suddenly starts spilling water or a leaking roof are common causes of water damage. Following an adverse scenario, flooding mitigation is essential in restoring the structure of your home. Read on to understand the meaning of water mitigation, its importance and what to expect during the water mitigation process in your Doral, FL, home.

What Is Water Damage Mitigation?

Water damage mitigation is the process through which qualified professionals use specialized techniques and equipment to prevent damage from affecting your home and belongings further. Some water mitigation techniques might involve ensuring the home’s structural stability and cleaning, disinfecting the salvageable items and removing the damaged furniture and other materials. Although you can complete some water mitigation activities individually, it’s important to hire a water mitigation specialist to complete the damage mitigation tasks described below.

Water Damage Inspection

After water mitigation specialists arrive in your home, they will first need to inspect the extent of the water damage. The inspection process involves classifying the toxic danger levels of the water causing the damage and its effect on your home.

There are about three toxic water categories: category one refers to the damage caused by clean water sources such as an overflowing sink or a burst water pipe. Category two is the damage caused by water containing added ingredients such as washing machine water with added detergents. Finally, category three is damage occurring from unclean water such as sewage water and river water.

The water mitigation specialists will also access the water damage levels, such as level one, which is the least type of damage and affects only a small portion of the room. Level two damage refers to damage that affects the whole room, such as the walls and carpets.

Level three causes extreme damage to the walls and ceilings. Finally, level four damage causes severe damage to the home equipment and building materials such as hardwood and stone. The specialists will need to use special drying equipment to prevent further damage.

Remove Excess Water and Dry the Home

Depending on the level and category of the damage, the water mitigation experts will then determine the type of specialized equipment needed to remove the excess amount of water. Some of the necessary equipment includes air scrubbers, vacuums, dehumidifiers and heavy-duty fans.

The water mitigation professionals will need to drain off the water quickly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Finally, they will need to remove any damaged possessions from homes such as furniture, carpets and drywall.

Provide Temporary Solutions

As you wait for your soaked furniture and other materials to dry up, the water mitigation expert will need to provide some temporary solutions for your home. These temporary solutions include covering certain areas of the building with a tarp and boarding any broken windows.

Determine the Next Steps

After completing the damage mitigation process, the specialists will determine whether to replace or repair the damaged furniture and materials. They will then advise and help you file an insurance claim. Contact us at ServiceMaster by Enterprise to schedule water damage mitigation services if you reside in Doral, FL.

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