Hurricanes and tropical storms are a fact of life on the coast in Miami, FL. As a homeowner in Miami, you should take certain precautions to prepare for the eventuality of a tropical storm or hurricane coming your way. While you cannot eliminate all possible damages, you can reduce the amount of damage you may incur during a severe storm or hurricane by following these preventive steps.

Install Storm Windows or Hurricane Shutters

One of the first items on your list of preparations before a tropical storm or hurricane arrives is to install storm windows or hurricane shutters. These window and door coverings come in many types and styles. Some are fairly easy to install and others should be installed by a professional. They can be permanently affixed or be available for temporary placement. They serve the purpose of protecting your windows from breaking during severe weather, which can let damaging water into the home.

Trim Dead Trees Before a Tropical Storm

If you have problematic trees in your yard, it is a good idea to trim any dead branches and to possibly remove the entire tree. If there is a large storm with high winds, the branches or the tree can fall onto your home and cause significant damage. Damage from trees is one of the most common insurance claims that occur due to high winds.

Secure Outside Items

Finally, you should make sure that any unsecured or unprotected items in your yard are either secured or moved to a protected location. Yard furniture, umbrellas, awnings, riding lawnmowers, and other items can be destroyed during a storm. These items can also cause damage to your home if the wind causes them to strike your home.

Our team at ServiceMaster by Enterprise is made up of experts who provide repair and remediation services for damages caused by many types of natural disasters. If you would like to know more about how to protect your home against major storms and natural events, call ServiceMaster by Enterprise in Miami, FL, today!

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