Commercial fires result from the misuse of equipment, arson or improperly maintained equipment. If a commercial building fails to adhere to the set code regulations, they increase the risk of a fire. After a fire, the building needs restoration, and here is what you can expect from a restorer in Doral, FL.

Securing the Facility

The first step involves securing the facility from vandalism and more damage. It involves boarding up the windows and doors and coving up the roof. If need be, the restorer will also install temporary fencing to keep vandals away. This step also seeks to maintain the structural integrity of what remains of the building.

Extracting Water

When there’s a fire, the sprinklers will likely drench the furniture and everything else with water. Firefighters use more water to put out the fire. Removing the water ensures there is no further damage or mildew growth.

If biological contaminants are growing, the restorer eliminates them as they remove the water. At the end of this step, your building will be completely dry.

Removing Debris

This step aims at getting the building ready for repairs. Our restorer removes irreparable furniture, construction materials and any other item that will be in the way of the repair team.

Removing Soot

Soot removal is necessary to prevent additional damage that the fire didn’t affect. These are parts that may need only cleaning and repainting. The team will scrub and sand the areas ready for priming and painting.

Repairing and Restoring

After all the steps above are complete, structural repairs and restoration begin. There are so many areas that may need repair and restoration, including the roof, wiring, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry and painting, among others.

A good restorer works fast to restore the building to its former condition while preventing further damage. Call our team at ServiceMaster By Enterprise for commercial fire damage restoration or any other restoration services you may need.

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