Vandalism has very negative effects on business since it is the destruction of property and even the closure of the business. There are measures that you can take to protect your business against vandalism and also mitigate the effects of vandalism. Here are things you should consider if your business gets vandalized in Doral, FL.

Notifying the Authorities

When your business gets vandalized, the first step is to notify the authorities and report damages. Police officers usually inspect the scene and obtain information that can help to establish a timeline and also identify the perpetrators. The police report is important in unlocking your insurance coverage.

Notifying the Insurance Company

Notifying your insurance provider and start an insurance claim for the damages is the next step. The insurance company will walk you through the entire process and what to expect, including filing a claim and identifying all of the necessary documents. Ensure that you are clear and precise when giving out the information to avoid problems in the claims process.

Taking Evidence

Taking videos and pictures of your vandalized building provides the insurance company with enough documentation to process your claim. Ensure that you include structural damage, water damage and broken inventory.

You can also collect the names and contact information of any witnesses to the vandalization. Get a detailed record of what they saw and pass it to the police. You can also pass along the evidence to your insurance agent for further proof or testimony.

Ensure your safety as well of the employees. Stay away from broken glass or damaged pieces while collecting evidence to avoid injuries.

After the investigation process, you may begin the cleanup process and make repairs. You can also contact a professional cleaning company to aid in the cleanup and repair process.

ServiceMaster by Enterprise offers 24-hour emergency damage remediation. We have fully trained, licensed and certified technicians who are highly skilled and experienced to help you in times of emergency. Contact ServiceMaster by Enterprise today for all your damage remediation services.

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